Hangover Run

I awoke with a hangover, sniffly nose and very sore arms from the gym on Thursday and really had to talk myself into going for a run but run (well jog) I did.

It was slow (10.54 minute miles), only 4 miles instead of the 5 that the marathon plan said, I had to walk a couple of times and my knee was a little uncomfortable but I was pleased with myself for getting out there and avoiding the rain.

The park was full of dogs and unfriendly people

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Log Error – does this mean we have failed?

I can,t log our last two days on Running Free because the Italian computer won,t let me log in. It says something about the control tree not matching.


Yesterday – 8 mins about a km

Today – 7 hours snowboarding and 1 mile in 10 minutes and 12 seconds

Over and Out

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Janathon Days 30 and 31 – when we were in Italy

Day 30

Up at 4.15 to get the transfer bus to Gatwick for our 6.30am flight. Nothing very eventful happened other than I now have some sporty sunglasses from duty free. We got to Turin in good time and were hoping for an expensive but rewarding afternoon on the slopes. Half day lift passes are such a rip. Thanks to the baggage handlers this did not happen because it took them an hour and half to off load the snowboards. Ste was twitching a bit because mine and Raj,s came off together and his took about another hour.

We nearly got left behind at the airport because we dropped the boards off at the coach and then ran back to the airport to get chocolate bread for the journey. Ooops. We were not very popular.

So we arrived in La Thuile at about 2.30 but our apartment wouldn,t be ready until 5 (at the latest) by which time we wouldn,t want to put our running gear on and go out in the cold so we decided to run to the Old Town to get our mileage out of the way. Travelling clothes on, hand luggage on our backs and no Sportypal cos Ste,s work hadn,t enabled his phone to work abroad we ran for 8 minutes ish which we,re hoping is about a km being as we usually take about 6 minutes.

Very expensive fruit shop and then back to resort for pizza and a warm up whilst we waited for our apartment. It didn,t take them until 5pm, they called whilst we were eating and it,s one of the roomiest places we,ve stayed in. Two bathrooms between 3 people is pretty good going.

We went for the welcome meeting, had more pizza and to bed early ready for an early start on the slopes.

Day 31

Pizza for breakfast (ha ha) and on to the gondola,s for the first lift. Straight on, no queue but the light was pretty bad and the mountains covered in cloud. We decided to go into La Roussiere which is France to see if their weather was any better. Oh yes it was. It had been snowing all night and the skies were blue. Perfect.

The off piste isn,t great because it hasn,t snowed for three weeks but the slopes are EMPTY – we didn,t see another soul on one the runs – and the snow on them is really good.

The snowpark looks ace but after Rog (long story about why he,s called Raj) broke himself in Colorado I have a rule that I won,t do any proper (built) jumps on the first day. We did a ridiculous black which we all had to feather after Ste tried a turn and did a quarter of the visible slope on his stomach and I have the award for most spectacular fall of the day involving heels over head in powder.

After 7 hours of boarding we went out for our run. We used Roger,s phone to plot the mile and it has to be the most spectacular view I have ever had the pleasure of running towards. Yet another thing to thank Janathon for.

We have to beat 200k next January, and probably need to think carefully about when we plan our ski trip but we have loved every minute of it (almost) this year. Ste has finally got the running bug so I now have a running buddy. We,re going to join a running club and probably do a marathon. I,ve really enjoyed blogging and commenting. We,ve got some new tunes on our i-pods and I am 10 pounds lighter. We ran every day in January. Not a bad month,s work Janathoners.

We are brilliant

p.s. sorry for the comma,s because Ste,s phone isn,t working I,ve had to buy some internet time at the hotel nearby and I can,t find the apostrophe on this foreign keyboard

Final Mileage – just over 200K

Final Reflection – delighted


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Janathon Day 29 – last day in England

After spending all morning packing and sorting out the blasted e reader (never buy Sony) we decided to do a 5k so that we then only have 2k left to get to 200k which means that if it’s really tough to run in the snow it won’t be quite so painful to a) run in the snow and b) run on the treadmill for a few minutes after a day on the slopes (we have a gym in our complex).

The 5k we did was quite fast because a) it’s bloody freezing so I wanted it over and done with and b) I wanted to get back so we can get off to Gatwick and start the holiday. It wasn’t that fast in real terms (still no 5k pb) but considering the fact that it is pretty much a 2k hill all the way back I am pleased with 28.32.

The next time I will be blogging we will be in Italy (or the airport if things have gone really wrong) so have much fun on the last two days my English Janathoners.

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Janathon Day 28 – last day in the office for a while

As always happens on your last day before your holidays today was extremely busy and hectic trying to get everything in order.

It has been brass monkeys in London today so the very last thing I wanted to do when I walked into my wall of heat at home was to go back out into the cold.

However, go out we did and it was actually quite a nice (if very short) run which made me feel loads better and woken up.

We need to fit in 7k to be at the 200k mark.


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Janathon Day 27 – another long day at the ET

Employment Tribunals have been in the news today and my current case is the very reason why there needs to be some reform.

Comment of the day from the poor judge who had aged 20 years in 3 days “with every question you are improving the Respondent’s case and making your own weaker. I have never seen a worse example”.

As is often the case these days due to lack of judicial resource we went part heard and have to go back in March to finalise our defence and get the result. *Sigh* The saving grace is that at this moment in time our case is looking very strong.

In line with the tapering pre snowboaring plan we did a 3k run this morning before work. Boring but quicker than yesterday


17.16 minutes

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Janathon Day 26 – long day in tribunal

Cos Wednesday is footy day and we’re now tapering in advance of our snowboarding trip we did an early morning 3k before work. 18 minutes of lead filled legs but it counts.

Crappy day in court. The Claimant introduced another piece of evidence and an unnaounced witness so that wasted a load of time and we’re now not going to get finished. Our star witness froze on the stand and then retreated into himself but he couldn’t have behaved less like a brutal bully if he tried so that’s a definite plus. The two angry, unpredictable witnesses are on tomorrow so the day will be a bit more fun.

Off to do my e mails. Yay!

Total mileage – 116.4

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